The Folktale Boxes

The key result of the project are six folk tale boxes, which will contain:

  • videoclips and online “cards” on different factors and tasks of the folk tale for young people as well as youth workers to work with;
  • assessment of the folk tale, guide for one-on-one use, and guide for group use for youth workers.

The idea behind the Folk Tale boxes comes from Metamorphosis Folk Tale Therapy, developed by Ildikó Boldizsár. It says that all life situations have their own folk tales, and folk tales are narratives developed by our ancestors showing the steps to be made in these life situations in order to reinstate a good balance of life.

During Folk Tale therapy, we work with several factors of the tale: the heroes, enemies, supporters and magic objects of the Folk tales, each of which hold some elements for self-assessments. Scenes also contain tasks for the hero to solve.

During the development of each folk tale box, we are going to make a thorough assessment of the meaning of the folk tale, and each of the factors, and develop sets of questions and tasks relevant for self-work or counselling work.

In order to understand which folk tale box fits you better, you can fill the screening tool.

What is the aim of the Folk Tale Boxes? 


to provide a self-help tool for young people as well as a development tool for youth workers on carrier and life start issues, like separation, individuation, carrier choice, climate change fears, multicultural environment, migration, etc.


to work on life starting issues in a solution-oriented coaching way – with identified next steps to be taken for personal goals.