Generic Framework on Career Preparedness and Screening tool

The generic framework contains a desktop research to assess carrier preparedness factors and potential development outcomes, and focus group reports done in each country with young people and youth workers. As a result of this assessment, ì a framework of problems and challenges young people face will be developed with consequent development goals, as well as a keyword system.

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Youth Worker Training Curriculum

A two-level training course for training peer mentors and youth workers on the use of folk tale boxes and the screening tool. There will be core modules, which are to be delivered to peer mentors by the youth workers, and modules, which are for the youth workers themselves delivered by our trainers. 

The training curriculum will be around the following issues:

  • general background knowledge on working with folk
  • use of the screening tool and the Folk Tale boxes
  • own experience on Folk Tale boxes
  • facilitation skills for coaching circles
  • facilitation of folk tale group workshops
  • active listening skills
  • counselling skills and supervision